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11185 SW Chickadee Terrace, Beaverton, Oregon 97007 USA| Phone: 1.503.590.7376 |

The days are shorter at Food Forest Foods as we move into fall rains.  Our geese honk contentedly as they graze, and the last of our fruit crops are ready for harvest.


At Food Forest Foods, our goals is to farm with the very best natural and organic growing methods.  We strive to farm in a way that builds ecological capital, values life diversity and, to the extent possible, is self-reliant for energy and soil fertility.


And through all of this, our goal is to produce foods wonderful to eat.


If you want to be part of our mailing list, help with our research, or just try our food, email us at


Come visit us during the summer months.
We welcome visitors.  Email us to arrange an appointment.

Food Forest Foods, 11185 SW Chickadee Terrace, Beaverton, Oregon, USA  97007 Phone: (503) 590-7376

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